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Estate Fences & Gates

The Series 700, Estate Fencing 
brings the all the advantages of aluminum 
to perimeter fencing.  The strong, durable,
 rust- and corrosion-free characteristics of aluminum 
make it ideal for pool railings, property dividers and 
a multitude of other applications. 

Call for a free estimate 
and design ideas.



Maintenance-free fence for perimeter fencing, pool railings, and dividers on residential, commercial, institutional, multi-housing, and municipal installations. 


Nine different finishes
in baked-on enamel and
anodized are guaranteed to
provide years of maintenance-free beauty. 


The contemporary design 
of the eight different 
picket configurations 
look great by themselves,
or chose from a variety of 
ornaments to create a custom
decorative appearance.

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